Deep Space - Lev Savitskiy (~Pr3t3nd3r)

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1986. My father and brother both had photography as a hobby, so I was familiar with cams from a pretty young age, but my first cam was presented by my brother at the age of 13. Back than I was mostly shooting some experimental macro shots and rarely landscapes. Honestly, I wasn't really excited by photography back then.

But I was totally excited by Photoshop. I started playing with it almost at the same time and still use it. I never read any tutorials when I was first starting, so most of the things I now know I've learned by myself. Despite my interest in photography I could never tell that I had a true passion for it back when it was time to go to the University and so I've decided to become a geneticist. In 2008 I have received my Master's Diploma with Honour in genetics and molecular biology in Ukraine. After that I've worked for several years in different leading neuroscience labs in Sweden and Germany. During this time I never dropped shooting and slowly but inevetably my passion for photography was growing until recently I've realized that there is nothing else that thrills and excites me as much as photography. And so the time has come for a hobby to grow into a real job. Now I'm a freelance photographer.

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