Christmas Art

Cool Christmas Art from different authors found in the internet over the past couple of days) 5ywf9aurap232u

Los Angeles in paintings of John Tierney

The artist, John Tierney, is a regular visitor to Los Angeles and is interested in both the urban landscape of the city and the desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. The light in LA and the desert have, for him, a particular resonance. In addition, some of his work has focused on images of New York and Helsinki, Finland.

The aim is straightforward: to create paintings that provide a strong sense of place, a feeling of what it is like to be there (and hopefully the viewer will enjoy looking at them). For John, being a visitor, an ‘outsider’ from another country, is a key dimension to this project. In terms of important influences, he admires the work of the American artist Edward Hopper and the British artists Peter Blake and David Hockney, especially the latter’s earlier LA-based work.

Until recently John Tierney was a criminology professor at Durham University in the north east of England and has published a wide range of articles and books on the subject. Retiring from the university in 2010 meant that more time could be devoted to oil painting.

Much of his work takes the urban landscape of Los Angeles, New York, Helsinki, and the desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park as its subject matter. His work has attracted a steady following of private collectors and admirers around the world.

“The first time I saw John Tierney’s work I was so impressed by his skill. I love the photorealist feel to his work and am really pleased to be able to show it at my shop, which in fact he has featured in a lot of his paintings!” - Paul Smith

Peihang Huang

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, 1984
I am a full time artist once stayed in London,currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwanese young artist Peihang Huang, as a young generation of the land in chaotic situation both cultural and political, her painting tap aim to Taiwan’s history while linking it to global culture by referencing Western pop culture to portray her feeling about being Taiwanese. At the same time, as an artist in residential, she turns her way to involve/intervene the foreign city in a Taiwanese point of view by holding conceptual events based on the execution by painting and video.

My work : Fleshy Fairytale series, of all those merely nude figures are based on barbie dolls and puppets, it links to the strong mixed influence of Chinese, Japanese and American culture to Taiwan, which refers to the issue of identity of my culture; and also focusing on several topics and events that is important in our life, such as death/life/ love/ beauty/body/timing, I believe puppets are the perfect figure to project human behaviors and philosophies.