Evgen Bavcar - Blind Photographer

Evgen Bavcar lost the use of both of his eyes before he was 12 years old. Today, he’s a noted photographer whose work has been exhibited around the world. “I photograph what I imagine, you could say I’m a bit like Don Quixote,” he explains. “The originals are inside my head. It is a matter of creating a mental image, the physical record which best represents the work of what is imagined… I know there are always things that escape me, but that’s true of photographers who can physically see. My images are fragile; I’ve never seen them, but I know they exist, and some of them have touched me deeply.”

And once these images are taken? “I pick my photos on a contact sheet the same way as everyone else does, the only exception being that I have to control the physical gaze of those who serve as mediators between the contacts and my own inner reality.” Obviously, they’re quite talented as well. Click through to check out a slide show of Bavacar’s amazing work.

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